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    We take responsibility for protecting the environment, repaying the society, and caring the employee. Xinda Clover will keep in supplying high quality and environmental friendly product to the market, and let us struggle for creating the new era for office furniture together! Our furnitures including modern office table, partition workstation, high end conference table, and so on.


    Q&A for a Modern Furniture Products

    As for furniture products, what kind of material is good?

    Furniture with little formaldehyde is good, as long as it is the type of furniture you like.

    Solid wood particle board and hexiang board, which is more environmentally friendly and stronger?

    In theory, Hexiang board is indeed more advanced than particle board, and it also represents the direction of technological progress. However, because the product is not born for a long time, whether it can be as good as the concept described by it has yet to be verified.

    I want to buy a bed, what kind of safer?

    If you want to buy a bed for the reason of having children, solid wood is actually not a must. If the board can withstand quality inspection, it can also be considered.

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