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The working table structure and structure features

The working table is made of high-quality cold rolled plate, and the sturdy work table frame is firm and stable, which can make the work table load 1000kg; a variety of work table options can be used to meet different requirements; tool hanging cabinet (box), side cabinet (Box) Light stand, adjustable foot cup, beautiful appearance; shelf, drawer of high quality, bearing capacity, the drawer can be arbitrarily separated according to needs; save space, strong applicability.

The material of the workstation desk for sale is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, and the surface is made of electrostatic spraying treatment. The sturdy work table frame is firm and stable, which can make the work table top load evenly reach 1000kg. The desktop is composed of various materials and is suitable for office places in various industries. Can be used with tool cabinets, hanging cabinets, hanging boards, single door cabinets. The drawer and contractor are important and have good performance. The drawer can be equipped with dividers according to needs.


The working table
One, Structure:

The anti-static workbench tabletop is generally made of anti-static melamine high-pressure decorative laminate (commonly known as anti-static fireproof board) made of surface material and wood material. The wood material is generally particle board, which is embedded in a conductive body such as a steel column, and then grounded through a ground wire, so that the static charge on the desktop is smoothly discharged to the ground through the wire. 2. There are also some worktables made of stainless steel. The table needs to be covered with an anti-static table mat. The table mat is connected to the ground through the contact line to achieve the effect of discharging static electricity. 3. The anti-static workbench is based on the function of the ordinary workbench that can satisfy the user. The anti-static function is added, that is, how to discharge the static electricity! Clean workbench   Clean workbench is a laminar local air purification equipment. It adopts an adjustable air flow fan system. After adjusting the fan worktable, the wind speed of the clean work area can always be kept within the ideal range. (A pressure gauge can be equipped according to the customer's requirements, and the change of resistance of the high-efficiency filter can be grasped at any time.

Two, Structural features:

Can be divided into light, medium and heavy worktables. 1. Adopt high-quality steel plate special mold to form with roller rolling process, and surface treatment through advanced automatic electrostatic spraying process.

According to the user's bearing requirements, you can choose different shapes of table legs. 3. According to user requirements, the worktable desktop can be selected: polymer composite desktop, fireproof desktop, stainless steel cover, iron composite surface, beech wood desktop, oak laminate left side, antistatic desktop, bakelite veneer, etc. 4. The table can be equipped with lighting rack, hanger, shelf, square hole hanging board, louver hanging board, power socket, electrical box, parts box hanging bar, etc., to meet different needs of users. Mounting holes are reserved on the table legs to facilitate customers to install power sockets. 5. Various types of tool cabinets can be selected under the table. After the tool cabinet is installed, the space can be used more reasonably and the protection tools can be stored. Vise can be added directly on the work table. Meet the needs of users loading items. 6. All types of work tables are combined design, easy to disassemble and assemble, stable and durable.

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